This Website Helps You Determine How Much Gas Will Cost For Your Next Road Trip

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Everyone is feeling the effects of high gas prices right now.

For many, the high price of fuel has put a damper on any road trips they had planned and vacations are actively being canceled.

Well, what if I told you, there was a website that could help you pre-plan for those costs in advance?

A website that could actually help you determine how much gas it would cost for your next road trip?

Thankfully, I found just that!

Website to Calculate Gas Cost For Your Next Road Trip

There is a free government website that will help you calculate gas costs for your next road trip and it’s so easy to use.

You simply input the car you are going to be driving. It will then calculate the average miles per gallon your car gets.

I inputted my Toyota 4Runner and it gave me 17 MPG.

Then it takes you to a new page where you input your current destination and then your desired destination.

You can add stops along the way and even determine the percentage of city driving you’ll be doing (aim on the high side to be safe).

You then click “Calculate the Trip”.

I calculated from my area in Draper, UT to Oregon (I’ve always wanted to drive up to the coast).

It will then spit out driving directions for you along with the time it will take, miles you’ll drive and the amount of gas it will cost you to drive to that destination.

Now, keep in mind, many variables can change this such as any unforeseen traffic, detours and even fluctuating gas prices.

But overall, this gives you a pretty good idea on how much gas will cost for your road trip so you can plan accordingly.

With Summer being here, everyone wanting to get out and inflation and gas on the rise, this might just be super helpful for you.


You can Calculate Gas for Your Next Road Trip Here.

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