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Sam’s Club Is Selling A Giant Tub of Reese’s Halloween Candy That Probably Won’t Make It To Halloween

Ahhh I am so ready for Fall, I am OVER this heat!

Seems like Sam’s Club feels the same because yesterday I saw that they are selling a Giant Tub of Reese’s Halloween Candy!

Sure, it probably won’t make it to Halloween but you know you need it.

This is a big bucket of Reese’s peanut butter cups that has 375 pieces in it.

It is priced at $47.98 (depending on location) which yeah, is a bit pricey but isn’t everything these days?

Not only would this make the perfect snack bucket to satisfy your sweet craving, it’ll be perfect for Halloween too (provided we get to trick-or-treat this year).

While you’re there, see if you can find the Reese’s Pumpkins too because let’s be honest, those shaped ones are the best!

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