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The Woman That Went Viral For Her Bernie Sanders Crochet Doll Is Now Auctioning It For Charity

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Holy smokes y’all! Do you know the adorable crocheted Bernie Sanders in mittens? The story just got bigger!

grnbeans1002 – Ebay

So not only did she crochet this in record time, and then proceed to write a pattern that is now available for sale… she took it farther!


So many people wanted that little crocheted version of Bernie Sanders in his mask and mittens. SO MANY.

Well, he is up for auction on eBay! 100% of the proceeds raised will go to Meals on Wheels!!


Meals on Wheels is the same charity that Bernie fundraised for with his “Chairman Sanders Crewneck” sales. You know, it totally sold out!


Bernie’s Mittens Crochet Doll Bernie Sanders Meme. Condition is “Brand New”. Shipped with USPS First Class.

Auction Description

She started the auction at only $5.50! As of this writing it has skyrocketed to $2,100!

Here’s your chance to own your own Hand crafted  Bernie’s Mittens Crochet doll and help one of Bernie’s favorite charities Meals on Wheels!

Auction Description

100% will go to Meals on Wheels America!

Made with acrylic and cotton yarns, he is 9″ tall but is made to sit. Bench is included! His arms and legs are pose-able! This is not a toy. Please keep away from small children. Made for gentle handling or display only. Glasses and mask are not removable.

Auction Description

This auction has been up for like 3 hours at most (at the time of this writing)! This is amazingly awesome! Feel like bidding?


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