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Britney Spears’ Prenup Leaves Sam Asghari Nothing, But Can He Get Around It?

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Britney Spears had the right frame of mind to have Sam Asghari sign a prenup before their wedding.

I’m actually kind of surprised, because she kind of went off the rails after she was released from her conservatorship.

But, now that Sam Asghari has filed for divorce from Britney Spears, this prenup comes into play in a big way.

Based on the prenup, Britney won’t have to dish out any money whatsoever to Sam — but she may still end up writing a large check to her estranged husband.

Why? The reason is simple if you think about it.

Britney is worth a reported $60 million, and her lawyers made sure there was an ironclad prenup in place in case that the pair were to separate.

According to this prenup, Sam will reportedly be able to keep any gifts Britney gave him during the marriage — that includes all his cars.

Now, Sam is actually asking for spousal support — something that the prenup specifically addresses.

This means, Sam is contesting the prenup.

If the prenup is successfully challenged, the “confidentiality clause” in the prenup will immediately be void.

That means that Sam can run his mouth about all the crazy that happened during their relationship.

This should — and probably will — scare the crap out of Britney.

But, Britney will still most likely write him a hefty check to basically keep him quiet.

Part of their new deal would probably involve another confidentiality clause which would basically buy Sam’s silence about the marriage.

It seems pretty harsh, but that’s the way it goes in the world of the über wealthy celebrity.

This will probably never even go to trial. She will just write him a check, and that will be that.

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