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This Jack Skellington Glittered Starbucks Cold Cup Is Simply Meant To Be

Watching Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a yearly tradition for my family, we (everyone but my husband that is) all love it!


When you start seeing things with Jack Skellington, Sally, and the rest of the crew… you know the seasons are fixing to change.


I am so ready for fall and this Jack Skellington ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ themed custom Starbucks cold cup is just what I need to kick it off!

Martha Farias – Etsy review

It’s a 24 ounce Starbucks reusable cold cup and it comes with a reusable straw and lid so it’s perfect for taking on the go!

I been looking for a long time for a Jack Skellington cup that I would like and this is definitely it. I love this cup so much and it was delivered fast.

Martha Farias – Etsy review

The entire design is sealed with epoxy so that the design will last, you do need to hand wash this cup and skip the dishwasher!

Intisar Arar – Etsy review

My cup came in perfect condition, absolutely stunning! I have already ordered another from this seller and can’t wait! I will totally continue ordering from SprinkleCups!

Molly McGrath – Etsy review
Sandra Benavides – Etsy review

You can get this amazing Jack Skellington Glittered Starbucks Cold Cup from SprinkleCups on Etsy!

SprinkleCups – Etsy