This Pool Float Has A Holder For Your ‘Girls’ And It’s Brilliant

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I am a bit of a pool float aficionado, and as such, I know that the most important thing you are looking for in a pool float mattress is COMFORT.

And one of the most uncomfortable things about pool floats is when you lay face down and squish your boobs into the plastic. That is until NOW. The Lilo pool float has a nice little holder just for your boobs!

(Check out this weiner dog pool float for your favorite dog lover friends!)

How did this cup holder pool float come about? Well, it turned out it was an April Fool’s joke that everyone fell in love with!

I mean, it’s basically the smartest idea ever if you think about it.

Basically everyone thought it was just a good idea that this bra company wanted to make such an insane pool floatie that they were like “you know what, let’s DO THIS.”

And they made the ultimate pool float of happiness!

I can not WAIT to get mine. I ordered it from here, and I am SO excited about it.

It’s so cool that even my best friend texted me about it earlier today.

We are going to have the tannest backsides by the end of summer!

Think of all the sweet sweet pool naps. GLORIOUS.

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