Starbucks Releases Mystery Color Changing Cups and I Want Them All

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Rather than telling you what color your tumbler will change to, Starbucks is making you guess with their latest collection. 

Starting clear before you pour, Starbucks’ new color changing cups are a guessing game. 

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Introducing color changing venti cold cups that are clear from first impression, pour in your favorite coffee and guess what color it will turn!

Featuring five new colors including orange, aqua, pink, blue, and purple, each cup is a mystery until it’s chilled! 

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Revealing magic before your eyes when you simply pour in two shots of espresso, liquid sugar, and maybe sweet cream cold foam to top, each color changing cup looks identical in this collection.

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Starting clear in the first minute and turning a bright color in the next, pick wisely during your next run to Starbucks considering every cup starts from the luck of the draw!

With an included stripped straw that’s decorated with a colorful palette, Starbuck’s mystery collection will make you want to collect them all until you get every color.

Courtesy of eBay

You can find the mystery color changing cups stocked at your nearest Starbucks store or online at eBay if you rather not leave your couch.

Courtesy of @uofldining

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