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Disney Just Ended The 20th Century Fox Brand

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Many of us are familiar with the name 20th Century Fox.

You know the feeling, when you’re watching a movie up on the big screen and the studio name “20th Century Fox” appears before the film begins; you know the movie you’re about to watch is going to be good.

Well, the very familiar name that brings a nostalgic feel to old time movies has come to end.


Disney announced the news on Monday, officially changing “20th Century Fox” to “20th Television” which will definitely take some time getting used too.


The new logo will appear on new episodes starting this Fall.


It looks like Disney is starting their spring cleaning a little late because the company is also rebranding a few other studio names including ABC Studios and ABC Signature Studios and Fox 21 Television Studios, according to CNN.


“Our new studio names and logos mark a new day for ABC Signature, 20th Television and Touchstone Television while honoring their rich histories and the creative power of The Walt Disney Company,” Craig Hunegs, Disney television studios president, said in a statement.

Craig Hunegs, Disney television studios president/CNN

So it looks like the only time where we’ll see the past logo will be from previous entertainment shows and movies before the studio’s name change.

It’ll be during a time when we’re showing our kids a classic movie and they’ll ask mom and dad “What’s 20th Century Fox?” and in that moment, we will feel really old as parents!

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