All I Can Think About Is Last Night’s Game Of Thrones

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Let me be clear we are about to get all spoilery up in here, so if you aren’t completely caught up on Game of Thrones, you should stop reading right now.

You have been warned.

Last night’s episode was the episode we have all been waiting for. I mean, it’s like one episode from being OVER FOREVER so that’s a good thing, but it’s been a long wait for Dany to finally go mad considering we now only have an hour left to watch the insanity.

It all started when Dany lost her poop and let her dragon do his thing on Varys.

Ugh. What a cool death, I mean if he had to go, then this was a good way for him to go. But, I still secretly wanted him to make it through all of this unscathed, just because that is like… his thing.

But, he did at least get all those notes out, and everyone now knows the truth about Jon. Even if nobody is even considering thinking about Dany as a leader at this point…

But then we had Jon, the Reluctant.

Which, like… should be his title at this point. He basically spent the whole first half of the episode telling himself and us that he doesn’t want to be king and yadda yadda yadda…

Ugh this is where it kind of lost all the goodness for me. I am all about the hesitant leader and all that, but this was honestly a little much. Even for me.

But I think the part that made me completely crazy and insane is that we never saw Mad Danyrus.

I mean, like… I guess we saw her on her dragon, and all that, but we didn’t see HER. We just got an entire episode of her killing all the innocent people of King’s Landing, but never what her face looked like.

That was really cold, GOT.

Which actually made the episode feel really cold. (Hah, get it, she burned the city and I said things were cold…)

It just all felt so rushed… I mean, we watched the first two episodes of the season thinking, “When is this thing going to get started?”

And now the last two episodes were like, “Wait… can we pause and take a breath for a second?”

CLEAGENBOWL on the other hand was AWESOME.

What a fitting death for The Hound! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

All in all, I like everything that happened, and I like where the season is going, I just think they could have done it better. Or at least less rushed.

If that’s a thing…

And it looks like Arya will save the day again. I am so glad she’s turned out to be the badass that does it all.

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