Shocking Video Shows Doctor Brutalized By Security, Dragged Off Overbooked Flight

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We know airlines overbook. It’s their practice. It’s wrong in every way and annoying AF but they do it. So what happens when they’re overbooked and they have to get their own employees to the next connection? Apparently brutal and forceable removal from the flight. Take a look!

Want another angle?

According to other passengers (and a release FROM United), the flight was overbooked and the staff asked for four volunteers to leave. They offered $400 compensation, and when no one volunteered, they upped it to $800.

When there were STILL no volunteers, a manager came on and informed the passengers that a computer would randomly select the four people who would be removed from the flight. The first couple was selected and left, but this man, a doctor trying to get home to his patients, didn’t want to go.

And don’t come at me with the whole, “He should have been an adult and just left” crap.



United should have been a better company and NOT overbooked the flight. OR, they should have upped the compensation until someone volunteered to go. OR, they should have booked a charter flight to take their four pilots to the next destination.


For one, they waited until the plane was loaded to eject people. Um…if they thought they needed seats for their employees couldn’t they have done this BEFORE everyone was on the plane?

For another, HE PAID FOR HIS SEAT.

I get that United didn’t want to lose money by having to offer more, but c’mon…instead of paying out, they sent in security to forceable REMOVE this man from his seat, bash his head against an armrest, DRAG him bleeding from the plane, and then later let him REBOARD.


Sir, I don’t know who you are and I don’t know where you were going, but I hope you SUE THE EVER LOVING PANTS off of United for what happened to you.

And one more thing…thanks to the passengers who recorded this as it happened, but seriously, could not as SINGLE ONE OF YOU stand up for this man? Actually stand up? Are we so scared of what will happen to us that we won’t stand for what is right?

No one should have been treated like this. Especially not someone who did nothing wrong. And let me say that again..He Did Nothing Wrong. My heart goes out to this man for what he went through and I truly do hope he is okay…though from what I saw I’m positive this is something he will NEVER forget.

And neither should we.

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