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The Passion Behind These Inflatable Skeletons Will Surely Make Your Neighborhood Uncomfortable This Halloween

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Would I put this Halloween decoration in my own yard… eh no…


Call me a prude, whatever… I just wouldn’t put it in my yard for kids to see, but I do think it would be hilarious at an event or party that was aimed at adults.

This is probably the strangest inflatable I have ever come across for Halloween, and while it’s not scary, it’s definitely going to shock those that see it.


Inflatable skeletons straddling each other… how do you explain this to the kids?

“Oh hey kids, that is two skeletons expressing their… love!”

Ok here are the details, this passionate couple of skeletons stands 5.5 feet tall and has LED lights so that the entire neighborhood doesn’t miss out on the display.


One skeleton is straddling another skeleton and they look a bit like they’ve been caught in a “moment”.


The company behind this horny skeleton creation is called GOOSH and they have a super questionable description, I dunno maybe English isn’t their first language.

The Skeleton Couple made children’s love at first sight.

GOOSH product description

That’s soooo wrong and weird and I am seriously hoping that was a mistake with wording.

If you do choose to go the route of the horny skeleton couple for your yard, know that it is made with high-strength waterproof polyester, and can withstand outdoor weather while they get it on.


This review had me rolling…

Big hit at my church’s Trunk or Treat! Quick to rise despite the cold air and it tolerated several punches and kicks from the children. Choir director said it reminded her of her late husband. It was a windy night which made for the perfect amount of animation. Deducted one star because there was no Boner. And pretty sure the female is faking…her hair. Skeletons don’t have hair.

Trish – Amazon customer review

Would you put this spicy skeleton pair in your yard for Halloween?

If you choose to spice up your Halloween with the Horny Skeletons inflatable you can get it on Amazon.


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