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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wear Gloves While Shopping

If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you’ve undoubtedly seen people wearing gloves. Latex gloves, rubber gloves, winter gloves, dishwashing gloves, even plastic bags used to make gloves.

People. Your skin in is a natural barrier. You don’t need gloves, unless you are working with the sick — AKA Medical Personnel.

Wearing gloves out shopping, is much like NOT wearing gloves to go grocery shopping, but worse.

Here’s why you should not wear gloves to go grocery shopping.

1) We don’t know how this virus works yet. It is possible that the virus is more “sticky” on the surface of gloves than on skin.

Meaning, the virus may attach to the surface of your gloves MORE than it would attach to your skin. You just don’t know. You could be carrying the virus around MORE than you would by just using your hands.

2) You might be thinking, “But doctors and nurses wear gloves, they must work!” Yes, doctors and nurses wear the gloves, in the patient’s room, for THAT SPECIFIC patient, and just during patient care.

They remove, and wash their hands BEFORE going to the next room, as not to spread germs around.

Wearing gloves around a grocery store, just spreads germs around that store. The same way NOT wearing gloves would spread the germs. It’s better to just WASH YOUR HANDS.

3) Odds are, you don’t know how to properly remove gloves. If gloves aren’t removed properly, germs will get EVERYWHERE, including your hands — which defeats the purpose of wearing gloves anyway.

The CDC website shows us how to properly remove gloves — BUT, not wearing gloves, and just WASHING YOUR HANDS is preferable.

4) You are more likely to get careless when wearing gloves. You will still be spreading the germs around, and you may actually touch MORE things — like your face — if you are wearing gloves.

AND, if you wear the gloves all day, you are just spreading the virus around to every single thing you touch, all day long. It’s better to just not wear gloves, and WASH YOUR HANDS!

Are you seeing a trend here? Just don’t wear the gloves, and WASH YOUR HANDS.

Stay safe out there. And, by the way, while wearing gloves is NOT recommended, you SHOULD wear that mask in public.

Elena ingemi

Saturday 11th of April 2020

My hands are normally very dry it creates cuts all over my hands. Do you think that in my case, since I had open wounds all over my hands, it would be safer to wear gloves?

Denise Nolan

Tuesday 7th of April 2020

You can wash and sanitize your hands much easier without having to wear gloves. I do wear a mask when I go out, and make sure to wash and sanitize my hands before I leave home and when I get back. I only go out for for groceries and doctor appointments. I also sanitize where sanitizer pumps are available.


Tuesday 7th of April 2020

And you’re basing this on what study? what’s is your background to make these statements? So you rather have contaminants on your skin then on a glove? GTFOH


Tuesday 7th of April 2020

I absolutely agree with everything in the article. With medical field background, I completely stand behind this and I’m sure anyone with any sort of medical background would agree too.