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Joining The ‘Hamster Cult’ Is The New Hot Social Media Trend. Here’s What Happens If You Do.

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If you know me, you know that I TRY to stay on top of current trends but I feel like I am never cool enough for them.


Well, that may change soon because apparently there is a new trend and I think I might just fit the criteria to be part of the “cool club”.

The trend is called the ‘Hamster Cult’ and it is currently going viral over on TikTok.

What is The Hamster Cult?

Remember when Lana Del Rey fans took over TikTok with the Lana Cult? Well, the Hamster Cult is here to challenge that trend.

Many TikTok users are changing their profile picture to the same image of a hamster and flooding comment sections across the app with bizarre messages.

What Will Happen If You Join The Hamster Cult?

If you happen join the Hamster Cult by changing your profile image and/or username to something of a hamster, you will suddenly receive an influx of followers with the same profile picture. Just look at one user’s activity feed below:


 All participating accounts of the hamster cult change their profile picture to the same popular meme of a Hamster and post comments like, “hello hamsters! Join the hamster cult! We don’t mock God or burn Bibles. Join the Hamsters now.”

chlo ᵕ̈

Some people who have joined are telling others not to do it due to the amount of followers and messages being received by fellow cult members.

I mean, if you are wanting to grow your TikTok, as long as these “cults” aren’t harmful, joining in on it could be a great way! Just saying…

So, what do you think? Will you be joining The Hamster Cult anytime soon?

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  2. Lol except the hamster cult made an 11 year old commit suicide.

    1. @Rene Carrara,

      oof i did not know that, but the hamster sercumstances have changed so please join 😉


  4. i just listen to the hamster gang song on youtube and i really loved the song

    1. @Khea Lyza Cleofe, You can just change your tik tok to Hamster ._.

    2. But U have to chage ur user to something linked to hamsters

    1. @@zintsu78, Anybody can join just make a hamster 😐 pfp picture

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