Dunkin’ Is Adding New Food To Their Menu Including Coconut Refreshers

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It won’t be long until we have to wait for Dunkin’ to revamp their menu for the warmer weather.

In fact, Dunkin’ has decided that at the end of this month, the popular coffee chain will add several new beverages and new food too!

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Starting with three new refreshers, Dunkin’ is adding several new and colorful drinks including a Pink Strawberry refresher, Golden Peach, and a Purple Pomegranate refresher.

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Each new refresher includes Dunkin’s new Coconut Milk and Vitamin B for a boost of energy on Monday morning!

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You can also expect a new twist on the Butter Pecan Latte called the Butter Pecan Sundae Signature Latte made with Butter Pecan swirl, topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and rainbow sprinkles for a pop of color!

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The Sunrise Batch hot coffee is for those who wake up early to get that worm!

A smooth medium roast coffee blend is replacing the Explorer Batch coffee in hot options only, with the taste of cocoa and toasted nuts for a nutty flavor.

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The original sourdough bread with a guacamole spread is missing a crunchy, salty, and meaty topping don’t you agree?

Dunkin’s new sourdough bread with guac includes a meaty sprinkling and this is bacon my dear friends.

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Starting April 28th through May 25th, you can get the new drinks and food at Dunkin’!

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