People Are Decorating Their Christmas Trees With An Angel Dog Tree Topper. Here’s Why.

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Decorating the Christmas tree is a tradition for many every holiday season.

And whether that’s wrapping the tree in multi-colored lights or using popcorn on a string as garland, one tradition that never changes is an ornament on the very top of the Christmas tree.

While most place stars or an angel on top, this year people are topping their trees with an angel dog.

The reason?

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It is to symbolize those who are dog owners or for the individuals who simply love their four-legged fur-babies too.

It’s also in remembrance of those that have lost their furry friend.

Dubbed the Angel Dog Tree Topper, this holiday decoration sits right at the top of your Christmas tree.

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Featuring a warm glow when illuminated and a sweet smile, this angel pup has a halo on top and angel wings on the back.

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Dressed in a golden scarf with a pretty bow, this angel pup will have your own dog gazing at the top of the Christmas tree to meet their new friend.

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Not to mention this angel dog might just be the perfect gift for someone who loves animals!

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You can find the Angel Dog tree topper on Amazon this holiday season!

Courtesy of Amazon

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