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Here’s How You Can Make a Tulip Bouquet of Deviled Eggs For The Cutest Easter Appetizer

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Y’all… I had no idea that Easter was just a few weeks away until just now!

I’m on the hunt to make things more fun this year and we are skipping the traditional-looking deviled eggs.

This year I’m putting some artistic ideas into the mix, and one of those ideas is these brilliant tulip-inspired bouquets of deviled eggs!

Image credit: lenox

Cute, right?

It’s pretty simple too! You’ll need everything you normally put in your favorite deviled eggs recipe and something for the stems. Chives or green onions will work perfectly!

Your first step is to hard boil your eggs, once they’re cool put them in an ice water bath to cool, then peel.

Next, you will take a sharp knife and gently cut a cross shape at the narrow top of the egg to make the tulip shape.

Image credit: artsdawn

Now gently remove the yolk through this opening. Repeat this step with all of your eggs and save the yolks in a mixing bowl.

Image credit: dukes_mayonnaise

Mix all of your favorite deviled egg ingredients and transfer them into a piping bag or a zip lock bag and seal it.

If you use a zip lock bag, you just need to snip off a corner with an opening wide enough to allow the mixture to squeeze through.

Image credit: artsdawn

The next step is to pipe your deviled egg filling into your tulip-shaped boiled egg white. Once that is done just insert your green stem of choice (chives or green onions).

Image credit: artsdawn

Display them on a pretty plate and you can even tie on a pretty bow to dress them up!

What do you think? These are the cutest deviled eggs ever!

Image credit: foodlover001

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