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Sam’s Club is Selling A Box of ‘Hot Ones’ Hot Sauces and I’m Putting It On My Christmas Wish List

I am obsessed with Hot Ones, that YouTube series by First We Feast that has celebrities answering questions while trying to eat progressively hotter chicken wings.

Yes, it’s often hilarious watching the celebrities sweat as they try to answer the barrage of questions thrown at them by host, Sean Evans.

Sam’s Club

But, it’s the lineup of hot sauces that are the real stars of the show.

You can’t help but be a little curious, as they systematically go through the 10 sauces — from easiest to worst on the heat scale.

What do the sauces taste like??

Well, now you have the chance to sample a few of these sauces, and they are some of the most famous sauces from the show.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is selling a box of these Hot Ones Hot Sauces, and they are totally on my wish list this Christmas season.

The box includes 5 different hot sauces: The Classic Garlic Fresno, Hot Ones Buffalo, Los Calientes Verde, Los Calientes Rojo, and Apollo — that famous Last Dab.

Sam’s Club

This box of Hot Ones Hot Sauces is $49.98, and would definitely make such a great Holiday Gift for anyone who loves to watch Hot Ones on social media.

To get your own box of Hot Ones Hot Sauces, head on over to the Sam’s Club website.

Sam’s Club