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Kevin Hart’s New Heist Movie Will Have You on the Edge of Your Seat

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Stealing half a billion dollars in gold seems like a no-brainer to Kevin Hart, especially when it’s his only other option that’s keeping him from going to jail.

Kevin Hart stars in a new heist movie that projects an impossible task that Kevin, (Cyrus Whitaker) and his team must accomplish.

The mastermind team of thieves who have completed heists before are faced with one of their biggest robberies yet.

$500,000,000 in gold, is certainly no joke.

Did I also mention that the robbery must also be completed 40,000 feet in the air?

That’s right, this grand heist is going down midair which goes without saying that this flight, is going to be a little bumpy.

Alongside Kevin, the rest of the cast for this new movie will also star Gugu Mbatha-Raw as (Abby Gladwell), Vincent D’Onofrio as (Denton), Úrsula Corberó as (Camila), Billy Magnussen as (Magnus), Jacob Batalon as (N8), Jean Reno (Lars Jorgensen), Sam Worthington as (Dennis Huxley), Viveik Kalra, Yun Jee Kim, Burn Gorman, and Paul Anderson.

Courtesy of Christopher Barr / Netflix

Netflix’s new movie Lift, premiers January 12 of next year.

And you can also watch the trailer for the new film, here.

Courtesy of Netflix

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