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Messi The Border Collie is Stealing The Show at The Oscars and We Are Here For It

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The best part of the 2024 Oscars right now is 100% Messi the Border Collie!

Messi had a supporting role in the movie ‘Anatomy of a Fall’, a French drama, and is the goodest boy ever at the Oscars.

Image credit: thecinegogue

This 7-year-old dog actor has some stunning blue eyes and seems to be enjoying himself and all the attention.

Image credit: entertainmenttonight

People were a bit shocked online since there was a rumor that Messi wasn’t going to be able to attend… well, surprise surprise!

Image credit: thecinegogue

The big moment was with Billie Eilish, who bonded with Messi for almost 10 minutes. They were hugging and petting and they really had a vibe. Then Bradley Cooper bumped into him in the hallway. The dog went right to him, so they also had a connection.

Messi’s trainer (and owner) Laura Martin told The Hollywood Reporter.

A lot of work goes into training a dog as an actor! Messi’s trainer spent two months just training one part of a scene for the movie.

Thankfully Border Collies are one of the smartest dog breeds there are!

Image credit: entertainmenttonight

‘Anatomy of a Fall’ did win the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay! Who wants to see more animal actors attend the Oscars?

Image credit: filmgeek_reviews

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