The CDC Has Agreed to Pay for Coronavirus Testing

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FINALLY, someone in Washington is looking out for EVERYONE in America!

During a congressional hearing on Thursday, Democratic Representative, Katie Porter, wouldn’t let the CDC Chief rest until he agreed that the CDC will pay for all coronavirus testing.

Courtesy of Katie Porter on Twitter

This is HUGE! Normally, if you didn’t have insurance, you would just stay home and not be tested.

Courtesy of Katie Porter on Twitter

You could then potentially spread the virus to everyone around you, because you wouldn’t know you had it!

Ms. Porter doesn’t want the cost of the test to deter EVERY American from finding out if they have the virus.

Courtesy of Katie Porter on Twitter

Coronavirus testing is not cheap. According to Ms. Porter and the CDC, testing can run upwards of $1300. This doesn’t even include the cost for the doctor visit, or the cost of treatment.

Courtesy of Katie Porter on Twitter

The average American can’t just drop $1300 on a coronavirus test.

Thank goodness, we don’t have to worry about that now.


Thanks to the efforts of Ms. Porter, everyone now has access to free coronavirus testing!

You can see the entire exchange between Ms. Porter and the Chief of the CDC, below.

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