This Is When You Need To Get Tested For The Coronavirus

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You cough once, and you start to panic. “I have the coronavirus!” you think.

Don’t panic. It’s most likely NOT COVID-19.

But, how do you know when to get worried?

Here Is How To Tell When It’s Time To Be Tested For The Coronavirus

By now, we have ALL heard that the symptoms are cough, runny nose, and shortness of breath.

But, let’s be honest, that could be nearly any flu virus.

First of all, are you in the high-risk category? Are you elderly or is it a young child that is sick? Are you a person with a comorbid* condition, like a weakened immune system? This may make the difference on whether you should get tested or not.

You also want to look for SEVERE symptoms. These may look like having trouble breathing, a high, PERSISTENT fever, or being unable to drink any fluids.

The coronavirus is a RESPIRATORY illness, so shortness of breath is a big thing to watch for.

Now, I’m not talking about the person who smokes a pack a day, and has trouble breathing. And, I’m not talking about that out-of-shape person that gets winded walking from the bedroom to the kitchen.

If you have unusual shortness of breath — like if you can’t even complete a sentence without taking a breath, that is something to be concerned about.

Watch for WORSENING conditions. Like, if you woke up with a slight cough today, but by tonight, you’re running a fever and wheezing, This might be cause to call the doctor immediately.

Listen to your body. Don’t be all panicky, and don’t go all hypochondriac up in here. BUT, if you really feel something isn’t right, you may want to call your doctor.

For the love, before you call, make sure you have at least ONE of the symptoms.

Let your primary care doctor make that decision on whether you need to be tested.

Please Make Sure You Are Taking The Appropriate Precautions To Not Spread The Sickness.

Always wash your hands. Like, a lot. And, always for twenty seconds or more.

Don’t touch your face, especially your nose, eyes, and mouth.

Stay away from sick people. Are they coughing? Do they say they don’t feel good? Maybe this isn’t the appropriate time to hang out and chat. Let them get well first.

Use disinfectants to sanitize surfaces you use a lot. Toilets, sinks, counters, tables, and door knobs are a good place to start.

Stay safe out there!

*Pre-existing condition.

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