Comcast Is Having A Nationwide Network Outage and I’m Freaking Out

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You guys! Is this the end? Just kidding!

But seriously, this is crazy…. Comcast is having a nationwide network outage and the internet (including myself) is losing their minds.

Here’s the thing, if you have Comcast you know they have outages all the time but it’s usually specific to a small area and resolved in a few hours.

This time, it’s everywhere!

About a half hour ago I was in the middle of working when my internet went down. When this happens, I usually check my Xfinity App to see if an outage has been reported but it wouldn’t load…

So then, I tried calling the 1-800-Comcast number and I got a message saying “Due to high call volume we are unable to accept your call. Please try again later”.

So, then, I searched and it seems like it’s now trending on Twitter.

Its a nationwide outage and people have no idea what is going on but are sure speculating, saying Comcast has been hacked or it’s a terrorist attack (probably not true).

Um, what?

In my area we really only have Comcast so this is a HUGE deal for the internet to be down and only being able to rely on our phones.

Is your internet down? What do you think is happening?!

Oh and if yours is, try this and see if it works:

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  1. Comcast cable and internet. Colorado. Both just fine.

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