You Can Get The Ghostbusters Car For Your Yard

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Who you gonna call?


I am sure that song is stuck inside your head and that is GOOD because You Can Get The Ghostbusters Car For Your Yard and you need to scurry over to get one!

This inflatable is a 7 foot inflatable and is the only true way to celebrate Halloween!

f there’s something weird and it don’t look good. Who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters have found something weird in your neighborhood, and they’re here to put a stop to it. This light-up, officially licensed Ecto-1 inflatable from Ghostbusters will let all of your neighbors know that you mean business when it comes to busting ghosts!

It has every detail of the Ghostbusters car right down to the lights…

Just blast the Ghostbusters Song, hang a Slimer around and be ready to catch some slimey ghosts!

You can order your Ghostbusters Car online here.

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