Walmart Has Matching Halloween Pajama Sets That Glow in the Dark For The Entire Family Including The Dog

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There are officially 30 days left until the first day of October, which means there are only 60 days until Halloween, which also means you and the entire family including the dog can be matching in clothing during spooky season.

Walmart is ahead of the game and are already selling two sets of Halloween family pajamas, one that glows in the dark and one that well, doesn’t glow in the dark but is still very appropriate for Halloween-time.

The first set includes black skeleton pants with orange musical notes paired with a long sleeve orange top that says “The Boo Crew” with dancing skeletons on the front.

Courtesy of Walmart

This matching set does not glow in the dark; however, the dog can match with mom, dad, and your siblings with a black skeleton onesie to be apart of the boo crew all October long.

Courtesy of Walmart

The next Halloween themed, matching pajama set for the family does glow in the dark, featuring a skeleton’s spine with orange sleeves, complete with jack-o-lanterns, colored pieces of candy, and candy corn on the pants.

Your dog can also be paired with orange sleeves designed with jack-o-lanterns, colors candy, and candy corn.

Walmart is currently selling the non glow in the dark Halloween family pajama set starting at $7.75, while the glow in the dark Halloween pjs start at $8.92 for toddlers and infants.

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