Mountain Dew Has Made An Intense Citrus Body Wash That Is Actually Made with Mountain Dew

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I have a great love for the bright neon yellow-green soda that is Mountain Dew. I even own a candle that smells like the citrusy goodness that is this yummy drink!

Apparently, now Mtn Dew has come out with a new Body Wash for “Bold Kick Ass Confidence.”

People are saying it smells like anything from margaritas, to citrus, and one person has even claimed it smells a little like eucalyptus — that’s just a little weird.

We first heard of the idea for a Mtn Dew Body Wash two years ago. Whoopdeedoo, on Reddit, posted a photoshopped photo of a Mtn Dew Body Wash and a Doritos Face Wash.

Via Reddit

It was a joke, but it left people clamoring for the real thing.

Two years later, Mtn Dew acquiesced to our requests, and made the real Body Wash!!

I bet this smells AMAZING! It claim to have an INTENSE CITRUS scent, and I would TOTALLY buy it for my husband! I could see it being his new favorite Body Wash.

Now the part of the story that will leave you saying, “THAT SUCKS!” Mtn Dew only made 250 bottles of these amazing suds. They were sent out to “friends of the brand.” Uh — Hello — I am a total friend of the brand!

Come on, Mtn Dew. Share the wealth! I would TOTALLY buy a couple bottles of this citrusy smelling soap.

Until they make the real thing, I’ll just have to stick with my Mtn Dew-scented candle.

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  1. I need two body washes!!! They would be great Christmas gifts for my boys!!!!