You Can Get A Mountain Dew Scented Candle That Comes In An Actual Can

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Oh my sweet candle-loving soul! Look what we found on Etsy — MOUNTAIN DEW SCENTED CANDLES!

Via Bottle Refab on Etsy

Not only do they SMELL like Mountain Dew, they come in a completely refurbished soda can! I’ll take a six-pack of these candles, please.

Each container has been hand made from a real aluminum can. Burn time is approximately 80 hours. This candle measures about 5 inches tall and is about 2.5″ in diameter. It is made with premium soy blend wax, scented, and dyed.

Via Bottle Refab on Etsy

Love the Mountain Dew can, but smelling the soda isn’t quite your thing? Bottle Refab has about eleven million scents to choose from.

I might be over exaggerating just a little bit — but they have A LOT of different scents! You can get anything from Pepsi, Coffee, or Root Beer, to Apple Cider, Whiskey, or White Chocolate Mocha.

If you have a scent in mind, we can probably get it! We also have many other upcycled beer, wine, soda, and liquor containers available.

Via Bottle Refab on Etsy

They have SO many containers to choose from, and you can get any of their — like fifty — scents poured into any of the containers!

You HAVE to check them out. They get a whopping 4.5 out of 5 stars on Etsy, with over 600 reviews. That’s not too shabby — actually, that’s pretty AMAZING!

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