Sparkling Ice Is Releasing Starburst Flavored Drinks and I Can’t Wait to Try Them

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Soda is great, Sparking Ice is better.

If you ever thought Sparking Ice and candy could never co-exist, think again.

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Sparking Ice and Starburst have come together in a surprising new partnership to create a lineup that turns their fizzy beverages into candy-inspired flavors.

That’s right, the Sparkling Ice brand and Starburst have created four new drinks inspired by the chewy candy we all know and have traded flavors as kids.

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Inspired by the red, pink, yellow, and orange Starbursts, you can count on Sparking Ice’s new beverage line to feature everyone’s favorite Starburst flavors.

But we don’t have to tell you which Starburst flavor is the best, because it’s obviously Cherry.

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Featuring Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, and Orange, these carbonated beverages might as well be stocked in the candy aisle because if they taste anything like a Starburst, we’re assuming each bottle will taste extra sweet!

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The new Starburst flavored, Sparkling Ice beverages will be stocked on grocery store shelves that carry the brand nationwide according to @markie_devo.

And while we don’t have an exact debut date just yet, we have our fingers and toes crossed that the beverages become available soon!

Courtesy of @snackgator

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