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You Can Crochet A Tiny Bat And Spider Just In Time For Halloween

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This is the most adorable bat and spider that I have ever seen! Even if you are normally afraid of bats and spiders, you may still want to cuddle these cuties!


Obviously they are the best of friends and you have to create both of them! Good thing that this pattern comes with BOTH! In this purchase, you will receive both the pattern for the bat as well as the spider!


They have the sweetest faces and eyes! My kids would love them, but man…I want them for ME! They’re so cute and I could see myself doing little photoshoots with them.


The pattern is a downloadable PDF. It includes detailed instructions on how to crochet the spider and bat. It also has a ton of step-by-step photos to help you through.


Both of these sweet critters are suitable for those of you with beginner crochet skills. If you know how to do the following, these should be a breeze for you to make.

  • magic ring/circle
  • crocheting in spirals
  • loop
  • single crochet
  • double crochet
  • half double crochet
  • slip stitch
  • increase and decrease
  • basic sewing and embroidery techniques

You can sell finished products created by this pattern, but be sure to credit the pattern maker! I know I would totally buy them!


You can purchase the pattern to make your own Bat and Spider from LoopyPattern on Etsy for only $7.35! We also connected with the shop and scored you an additional 40% off all patterns. Use promo code 40TOTALBOMB at check out (Valid until 4th August).


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