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If You Wanna Catch Them All, You Better Do It Fast Because McDonald’s Pokémon Happy Meals Are Already Selling Out

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I am new to the whole Pokémon craze — my 9-year-old son has just gotten into the fad.

He also loves a Happy Meal — WAY more than my own cooking.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

So, when McDonald’s announced they were going to be having Happy Meals with special Pokémon cards — well, it was all kinds of crazy excitement in our house.


But, there was a problem. We went to McDonald’s to get his usual 6-Piece Chicken McNugget Happy Meal, but instead of Pokémon cards, he got a Hasbro mini game.

Boo! We already have all those.


He made me immediately call McDonald’s and ask what was up.

Turns out, yes, they HAD Pokémon Happy Meals, but the entire franchise that is McDonald’s is selling out.


If you can get your hands on a set, you’re one of the lucky ones!

See, scalpers are buying the Happy Meals to get the cards — but they are getting them to resell. *Mad Face Emoji*


People are wanting the coveted shiny holographic Pokémon cards that come in the meals, and I guess they are willing to pay a pretty penny on the Pokémon black market for said cards.


Each pack comes with four cards, and there are 50 to collect in total. Twenty-five of the cards are “regular” and 25 are foil—a more rare and valuable card type in the world of Pokemon.


AND, there is another reason people have gone crazy, and bought up all the cards.

Users of Twitch, a live streaming platform for the gaming community, are particularly interested in snapping these up in order to record unboxing videos, in which they stream a live-opening of the cards to their followers.


ONLY, this is totally ruining it for the rest of us!!

The situation has gotten so bad that McDonald’s has stopped selling the individual set of cards.


(You can usually go into a McDonald’s and just buy a toy for like $2.50.)

NOW, you HAVE to buy a Happy Meal to get any cards — only, nobody can find the cards to buy in a Happy Meal.


So, don’t be surprised if you go to the McDonald’s drive thru expecting Pokémon, and you get a Hasbro game.


If you CAN find the cards, grab them up and run!! You just hit the jackpot!


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