McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce is Back, Here’s How To Get Your Hands on Some

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McDonald’s has brought back a major fan favorite and I cannot contain my excitement!

McDonald’s originally released The Szechuan Sauce as a Chicken McNuggets condiment in 1998, and briefly returned in 2017 and 2018.

Then there was Rick from Rick & Morty Season 3 that made Szechuan Sauce a huge deal and fans everywhere went crazy wanting more.

Adult Swim

Well, McDonald’s FINALLY answered our cries because they are bringing back the beloved sauce!

According to the McDonald’s Facebook Page, the Szechuan Sauce is making a comeback on March 31, 2022 exclusively on the app.

hi from Szechuan Sauce, say it back

Beginning Mar. 31 for just a few days – while supplies last – Szechuan Sauce will be available for free with any Chicken McNuggets order when selecting a dipping sauce

And fans who are feeling extra saucy can purchase up to five (5) a la carte packets on the App. See below for details. 

Ever elusive, this is only the fourth time Szechuan has made an appearance on McDonald’s menu since it first launched in 1998. 

And of course, McDonald’s is bringing it back in style with limited-edition, golden foil packets in five different designs, which together spell “Szechuan.” A lucky few might even be able to collect them all. 

Either way, you’ll want to make sure you download the Free McDonald’s app and create an account.


Then on March 31st, place an order and make sure to add that glorious Szechuan sauce to your order.

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