Target is Selling Minecraft Rice Krispies Treats So You Can Give Your Little Creeper a Snack

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Do you know a kid or honestly, anyone that loves Minecraft?

If so, I have the ultimate snack idea for you… Minecraft Creeper Edition Rice Krispies Treats!!

I was browsing my local Target today when I came across these Minecraft Rice Krispies and being that my son is obsessed with Minecraft, I knew I had to grab them.

These limited edition Rice Krispies Treats are green and are made to look like a Creeper from Minecraft.

A delicious green treat inspired by Minecraft Creepers; Made with puffed, oven-toasted rice cereal plus the delicious flavor of soft, gooey marshmallows

You can grab a 16-count box of Minecraft Creeper Rice Krispies Treats from Target for $4.99 here.

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