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Zoo Pal Plates Are Back And Meals Are About To Get Fun

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This is not an alert!

Our favorite childhood eating accessory is making a comeback, and I’m about to introduce an entire new generation to the funner things in life!


Remember back in the day when you would beg to eat all your meals off Zoo Pals Plates?

Well, they are BACK!!


I am downright giddy right now.

You best bet I’m not above enjoying my dinner off a turtle or piggy plate. Bring them on!


Hefty is relaunching these Zoo Pals Plates, and all 10 OG animals will be included!!

Frog, cow, pig, whale, ladybug, turtle … Your favorite is going to be present and accounted for


Built-in dipping wells in these party plates hold just the right amount of ketchup, ranch, peanut butter, candies, and more.


Zoo Pals Plates were discontinued about a decade ago, so kids these days have never gotten the chance to experience the fun — until now!

These 7.75 inch plates come with TWO dipping compartments, and are just about the perfect meal delivery system for kids — or that kid at heart.


Each pack costs just 7 bucks, and includes 20 assorted Zoo Pals Plates.

To get your own Zoo Pal Plates just head on over to the Amazon website.


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