You Can Get Floatable Pants So You Can Float In The Pool Hands-Free

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Do you hate the idea of wear a life-jacket because it seems to dang constricting?

If so you said, yes, I feel the same way!

Well, we won’t have to worry any longer because now You Can Get Floatable Pants So You Can Float In The Pool Hands-Free and It’s Brilliant!

Introducing… Floaty Pants. The Hands-Free Party Floatation Device!

“While everyone is struggling to keep their head above water, you’ll be sitting up high, comfortable, and relaxed without a care in the world.”

And in case you’re wondering just exactly how this works…

How does this work?

Step in. Buckle up. Relax.

Yep, it’s that easy. Tighten the four nylon straps and buckle up to keep your booty from coming loose!

When you’re done, unbuckling is easy and you’ll be in a state of zen.

Sounds easy enough to use.

Are they comfortable?

They sure seem to be and the reviews on Amazon seem promising.

Floaty Pants are stuffed with super-floaty and moisture resistant EPE foam to let you float higher in the water. The crotch is made of soft, stretchy neoprene which results in extra comfort for your delicate area.

Are They For Kids?

No, these seem to be made for adults only and really, I don’t think you’d want to stick your kid into something like this that could cause them to topple over and swallow up too much water.

I mean, you may not even want to be seen in one of these but just think of all the things you can do in the water when you don’t have to worry about keeping yourself above water so you can, ya know, breathe.

You can score one of these for around $45 and if blue isn’t your color, there are several different designs to choose from including some funny bikini bottom ones.

I am truly curious if these really help keep you upright while floating…

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