Spiders Have Tiny Paws and They’re So Adorable, You Will No Longer Be Afraid Of Them

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I’ll admit, I am about as arachnophobic as they get. Even the smallest sight of a spider web sends me into a full on panic.

Credit: LandedInMyEye

But honestly, my way of thinking that spiders are so BIG, mean and scary is all about to change because I just saw something that changed my life…


Spiders Have Tiny Paws and They’re So Adorable, You Will No Longer Be Afraid Of Them!

Okay, I can’t promise you’ll be any less scared of spiders BUT it will certainly change the way you think about their furry legs.

Credit: Ta Shepard

If you are as scared as I am of spiders (or were) you may not have ever examined spider legs up close enough to realize they have paws and you won’t have to because the internet and these photographers have done it for you.


The “paws” on each of the spiders legs are called Tarsus which is similar to dogs and cats. Spiders also have claws attached to their paws know as the apparatus that are responsible for identifying the changes in the air which help spiders to move out of danger.

Credit: Michael Pankratz

Bet you didn’t think you’d find spiders so adorable right?

I mean, up close like this makes me feel bad for smashing their paws.


But, I don’t know if I can bring myself to ever inspect one close enough to see them so maybe I’ll just leave the spiders to the bottom of my shoe.

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