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Tostitos Just Released ‘Hint of Spicy Queso’ Chips And I’m In Love

Tostitos just released Hint Of Spicy Queso Chips and I’m pretty sure that I’ve died and gone to heaven…


So y’all mean to tell me that I can now have queso, with my queso? I must be in heaven!

I mean Tostitos chips are amazing enough on their own, especially the Hint Of Lime flavor with a big bowl of spicy guacamole!

I am pretty positive that these are super amazing all on their lonesome, but imagine the nachos you could make with these!

Layer them up with extra queso, beans, sour cream etc…. I think I’m drooling!

I will definitely be trying these out in my handy-dandy Nachosaurus, alongside a dish of the delicious plant-based queso from target!

You can find these at most grocery stores for about $4 for a 12oz bag!

However, today when I was at my local Target I did notice they had them on sale for just $3 a bag! What I steal!

Snack Gator

I stocked up and I highly recommend that you do as well, they won’t disappoint!