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Adding Brown Sugar To Your Coffee Grounds Is Officially My New Favorite Trend

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Coffee is LIFE. I have worked with coffee for years and I am constantly looking for new ideas to give it something a little…extra.

I saw a video on TikTok that opened up a core memory for me. I totally forgot that my grandma used to add brown sugar to her coffee grounds. And I’m just now realizing how GENIUS that is!

I thought nothing of it then, because I didn’t drink coffee. But now, it makes SO MUCH SENSE. I love brown sugar in my coffee, but simply adding it to the cup makes it crystalize and not mix well.

BUT if you add it to your coffee grounds before brewing it, it will melt the brown sugar down, causing it to blend perfectly. Like, this is a total game changer.

I’m just upset I didn’t do this sooner. I don’t think I’ll be making my coffee any other way at this point!

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