Multitasking Marathon! 30-Minutes+15 Tasks=Awesome

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I feel like a multitasking Maven today. For reals. Normally, I’m so easily derailed it’s not even funny. But today–in 30-Minutes, I was able to accomplish 15-Super Critical Tasks! It was a Multitasking Marathon!

Multitasking Cart Feature

There I was, trying to figure-out how I was going to get this whole HUGE list of things done and it came to me–the daughter and I could just put our minds to it and knock ’em out! It wasn’t much of a plan, but it worked. We spent an average of 2-minutes on each task, getting everything done in 30-minutes. Amazing me, yeah?

Multitasking Start

Here’s What I Did in My Multitasking Marathon:

  • Oil change for the car.
  • Changed the air filter for the car.
  • Replaced the windshield wipers on the car.
  • Got lunch for two days for me, my kiddo and my husband.
  • Grabbed a bag of chips for a snack later.

Multitasking Chips

  • Picked-up 4 outfits for the coming baby.
  • Retrieved medications for my son.
  • Found a pair of shoes for the daughter.
  • Found facial tissues for the sickies at home.
  • Discovered a hat for the daughter–because it’s COLD outside and her hood keeps blowing off…
  • Picked-out appetizers for the playoff party (it’s just summer sausage and cheese, but hey, it’s a small party).
  • Got supplies for Sunday-morning pancakes-of-awesomeness.
  • Found some gatorade and other drinks for the sickies at home (they may or may not have included me, too).
  • Replaced my phone charger (the dog ate my last one!).
  • Made a friend in Courtney who works in the Lube-n-Tune area! This was an added bonus I wasn’t expecting, but if you’re reading this, Courtney, you were fantastic! You promised me that my car would be ready in 30-minutes and it was. And you were friendly and didn’t seem put-off by my non-understanding of which oil was the right one for me. You recommended Penzoil’s conventional oil, which you said was a traditional oil, with several Active Cleaning Agents™ to keep dirt and particulates from building-up on my engine-parts. And then, Courtney, you took care of everything. Thank you!!!!

Multitasking Courtney

I know and acknowledge that I can’t do this every day–heck I don’t even need to do this every day. However, it does feel kind of good to (every once in a while) bang this much stuff out in such a short period and get back to having fun…

What did you do today?


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