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Stanley Just Released Several New Tumbler Colors and I Want Them All 

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Another day, another Stanley craze.

If you’ve found yourself stocking up on Stanley tumblers, prepare to make room for one more. 

Stanley has just released a slew of new colors to their trending tumbler line and it’s safe to say that you’re going to need, every single one.

Notice that I said need, and not want, because these new Stanleys are certainly a need!

Courtesy of Stanley

The new colored tumblers which feature a bright palate, range from Fuchsia, to Azure (blue), Lilac, Tigerlily Plum, and Mist (mint green), just to name a few!

But if you’re asking for my favorite, it has to be the Blue Spruce!

Courtesy of Stanley

I just love that color Blue with the even darker color straw, it just ties the whole look together don’t you think?

Now aside from the beautiful Blue Spruce, Stanley has released six new brighter colored tumblers that you’ll want to have stocked in your kitchen cabinet by the time summer comes.

Courtesy of Stanley

Starting with the new Pomelo Stanley tumbler that’s just as bright as the summer sun, trust me when I say that you’ll have to wear shades inside the house while sipping on this tumbler.

The new Azure Stanley, which is the second blue tumbler in this new line is the perfect tumbler to have at the beach, mainly because the color matches the ocean, perfectly!

Courtesy of Stanley

Stanley’s new lilac tumbler will remind you of a purple tulip, which reminds me of the same color of the potential Stanley and Olivia Rodrigo collab that’s rumored to release sometime in the future!

But if you thought that tumbler was pretty, just wait until you see the orange one!

Courtesy of Stanley

The bright new orange tumbler, which has also been named Tigerlily Plum, cute right, is as bright as a clementine or even better, a sun that’s just setting.

Now if you like McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, (because who doesn’t?), you’ll see why I’m asking in just a second.

Courtesy of Stanley

Enter, the new Mist Stanley, which is exactly the same color as the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, you see it right?!

But the brightest of them all is the new Fuchsia tumbler, in all of its pretty and pink glory, we can definitely say that this tumbler is Elle Woods approved!

Courtesy of Stanley

There’s also the Pink Brushstroke Stanley tumbler that while it may not be as new as the Fuchsia, is still just as GORGEOUS if you like the color pink!

So when does Stanley’s stunning new line of tumblers release?

Courtesy of Stanley

Lucky for you, the new tumblers have already been released!! So get that wallet ready!

And if you want our advice, you may want to locate your credit card sooner rather than later because unsurprisingly, some of these news tumblers are already sold out!

Courtesy of Stanley

You can count on the new collection of tumblers to already be available on Stanley’s website, which you can find right here!

Courtesy of Stanley

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