Why Does Everyone Want To Skip Thanksgiving This Year?

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Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. This is the how we finish up the last of every year. It’s just how it is.

Except this year, for some reason, everyone is ready to skip Thanksgiving and head right onto Christmas. Sure they say decorating for the holidays early makes you happy, but does it really matter which holiday?

The thing about skipping Thanksgiving is that we aren’t just skipping straight through to Christmas. It’s like we are skipping being thankful. That’s the thing about Thanksgiving.

No matter what is happening or who it’s happening to, Thanksgiving is that chance to stop, and reflect on the good things we have in our life.

The things we are grateful for. And the people.

With Christmas becoming more and more commercialized each year, Thanksgiving gives us that important moment to stop and smell the roses before we empty out our bank accounts underneath the tree.

There’s something special about holding off on Christmas too, something special about it being a limited edition short little amount of time that only comes once a year and for a short time.

I always try not to put up my Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving, but all this pressure from everyone to get their Christmas decorations up is really starting to get to me.

But I am not going to let it happen. I am not going to let all of this peer pressure get to me! This year I am going to celebrate Thanksgiving no matter WHO tells me to break out the Christmas lights.

Oh, and the day after Christmas I am taking down my tree, too. Because making Christmas short and sweet is what makes it so special.

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  1. It’s only a matter of time until people make Christmas last year long even if global warming makes the planet and entire blast furnace.

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