The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Lady Losing It While Her Kids Listen To Kidz Bop

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Do you ever see something on the internet that makes you think, “Dude, I have got to be less insane while I am out living my life, because everyone has a camera these days.”

This lady stuck her head in a stranger's car window to yell about her kids listening to Kids Bop

Well, this woman, who everyone is calling Karen, because of course they are, just went viral for what is to be known as the greatest piece of road rage in American history.

Kidz Bop Karen is taking the internet by storm

Like, look I get it. This uber driver almost hit your car, and you’re mad about it. But when Karen sees the girl filming her she doesn’t calm down… oh no. She does something so much better.

Kidz Bop Karen is the annoying white lady savior the internet needed right now

She doubles down on the crazy, and we are here for it.

Kids Bop Karen is entertaining the internet with her ranting and rude raving

She like, really wants the girl in the back seat to calm down. Which is confusing at best, because she’s the one with her head in the window of someone else’s car making the best faces I have ever seen.

This grown woman went and stuck her tongue out at a perfect stranger.

The internet has so much to say about Kidz Bop Karen

I mean, I get it, I do. We have all been there. When we just can’t keep our tongue in our mouth.

The internet is losing their minds over the latest crazy white lady, dubbed Kidz Bop Karen

You have to watch this. And even though her kids are listening to Kidz Bop, she still has a potty mouth, so be careful listening around your kiddos.


Taylow Swift in a pool floatie saying

Thank you for being the best thing on the internet today.

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