Travis Barker Flew On A Plane For The First Time In 13 Years After A Deadly Plane Crash

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Leave it to the Kardashians to get Travis Barker to finally take the step to overcome his (very understable) fear of airplanes!

Barker flew on Kylie Jenner’s plane to Cabo for a Kardashian family vacation and fans are SHOOKED.


13 years ago, Travis was in a deadly plane crash that killed 4 people and left him with third-degree burns on 65% of his body.

Barker had previous vowed never to board a plane again, as the crash took the life of two of his close friends. He also had multiple surgeries and skin grafts and spent months in a burn unit in tremendous pain.

He was over an hour late to board the plane and seemed incredibly hesitant, but eventually boarded and safely made it to their vacation location.

Whether he was pressured or encouraged by the Kardashian clan, we don’t know. But we are definitely proud of him for overcoming his fear and glad he made it safely!

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