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Pixar Just Released Their First Short Film Featuring A Gay Main Character and I Can’t Wait To Watch It

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Let’s all just admit that Pixar has the greatest short films.

The company does a great job telling a story and pulling at the audience’s heartstrings.


Pixar released their newest short film this past Friday and it’s a tearjerking animation, so be prepared to pull out your tissue box.

The story revolves around a man named Greg who moves in with his boyfriend Manuel.

Greg’s parents, who show up to his house to help him get settled in unannounced, are unaware his son is gay and the relationship he has with Manuel.

Greg, who has a hard time coming out to his parents, swaps bodies with his dog who helps him understand, there’s nothing to hide in the first place!


The Pixar short movie Out, is the first short film to feature an openly gay character as their main role, directed and written by Steven Clay Hunter.


To watch the short film, you can stream it now on Disney+. I for one, cannot wait to watch it.

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