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These Corner Cat Scratching Posts Perfectly Protect The Corners Of Your Furniture From Kitty Claws

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I don’t own a cat for the very reason that I don’t want all my furniture clawed up and ruined.

Now, I desperately want a fluffy furball. I, however, don’t want my couch torn up. I can deal with scratches on my arms and legs. I can even deal with the smell of the catbox. But, what I can’t take is cat clawed furniture.

When I saw this Upright Corner Cat Scratching Post, I had a complete change of heart.


If I can own a kitty without my furniture becoming shredded, I just may beg my husband to rescue one for Christmas!

Introducing The Standing Protector in Grey, a free standing, beautiful custom cat scratching post created with innovative scratching straps.


All cats scratch. It is ingrained in their little brains as a way to stretch, mark their territory, and even sharpen their claws.

This Cat Scratching Post does not use sisal (which is the durable fabric rope used in most scratching posts). They are made with a fabric that is more aesthetically pleasing, but still “encourages natural behavior.”


Excellent for cats or kittens, keeps your walls and surfaces safe from busy claws.


There is absolutely no setup needed for these Corner Cat Scratching Posts.


It will arrive at your door pre assembled and ready to go. You just take it out of the box, and put it where you want it.

This Cat Scratching Post can go right up against the corner of your sofa, loveseat, your favorite chair, or even your wall. It will save the corner from getting clawed to shreds by your fur baby.


It arrived quickly and fits perfectly in the corner of our sofa. Our car loves it straight away! Great product.

Etsy Reviews

When you purchase one of these Upright Corner Cat Scratching Posts, the color might be just a little bit different than pictured.


Is this is a huge deal breaker? You can message the CatCentre shop and have them send you a picture before it ships.

Fast shipping, well made and more attractive than a standard cat scratching post. I have yet to persuade my cat that she is allowed to scratch this (that’s a criticism of my cat rather than of this scratching post) but at least it has already stopped her from scratching at what’s behind lol!

Etsy Reviews

CatCenre has over 2K sales, and this shop gets a 5 out of 5 stars. You KNOW you are getting a quality product with exceptional customer service.

The cost of these furniture-saving bad boys is only $38.

Live in the UK? You are among the lucky, because these will ship to you for FREE.

Those that live OUTSIDE of the UK have to pay a hefty shipping price, but it is so worth it to have a beautiful piece that will save your furniture.

You can get one of these Upright Corner Cat Scratching Posts from the CatCentre shop on Etsy.


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