Here’s How To Prevent Burns On Your Dog’s Paws This Summer

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There’s nothing better during the summer than grabbing your doggo and taking him on a long evening walk, taking your pup to the beach, or heading to the lake with your fur baby.

But, do you ever think about burning their little paws? If you would be uncomfortable barefoot, your pup is feeling the heat in their paws.

Have you ever been out during the summer with your dog, gotten home, and their paws look swollen? That could be too much heat burning their tootsies.

There are some things you can, and should, do to prevent burns on your fur baby’s paws. Read on.

How To Prevent Burns On Your Dog’s Paws

First of all, if you are on a walk, make sure your pup is walking in a grassy area. There is often a sidewalk with grass next to it or a ditch on the side of the road that is made up of grass. You want your dog walking on the grass and not on the hot cement, gravel, or asphalt.

Remember, asphalt, cement, metal, or rocky surfaces are going to be much hotter than the air around you. Keep your pup off the surfaces the sun hits hard!

Also, think about hot sand!! If you are at the beach or lake, and you can’t walk barefoot on the sand, your pup shouldn’t be walking on it either.

The time of day you take your dog for a walk could be detrimental to their paws. It’s going to be cooler in the mornings or evenings, so you can assume walking surfaces are also going to be a bit cooler. You still want them walking on grassy areas if possible, but walk in the mornings or evenings if possible.

You can get your doggo some walking shoes. I know, it sounds weird, and you might think your pup is going to hate them. But, it could be the difference between burned paws and comfortable tootsies.

Check out this pair of doggie boots. Have your dog wear them a couple of times, and get used to them.


How To Tell If The Ground Is Bothering Your Dog’s Paws

Have you ever been barefoot on hot cement, and you start dancing around to keep your feet off the scorching cement.

Your pup is going to do pretty much the same thing.

If your dog is dancing around or lifting their paws, the ground is probably too hot, and you should get them to grass quickly.

How can you tell if it’s too hot for sure?

Place the palm of your hand on the ground. If you can’t comfortably keep your hand pressed to the ground for 5 seconds, it is definitely too hot for your pup.

What To Do If Your Dog Burns Their Paws

Basically, you want to take them to the vet immediately. They will be able to take action to help your pup.

Be safe out there this summer, both you and your dog.

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