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Tim Allen Is Bringing Back His ‘Home Improvement’ Character For A Special Episode Of ‘Last Man Standing’

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January 3rd marks a sad day in my television watching life. It is the official start of the last season of Last Man Standing, and that makes me — the OPPOSITE of giddy.

BUT, they are doing something a little fun before it’s all said and done. They are having a cross-over event — of sorts — with another one of my favorite Tim Allen shows — Home Improvement!


Now, this cross-over event is going to be a ONE MAN cross over. LOL!! Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor is going to show up in the world of Mike Baxter — both characters are, of course, played by Tim Allen.

Courtesy of Fox

According to ComicBook.com, this espisode is going to air on January 7th, and I can’t wait!!

They OFTEN reference other Tim Allen characters in Last Man Standing, and this season isn’t going to disappoint.


In the trailer for the upcoming season, not only are we actually going to see Tim Taylor, but Mike makes reference to the fact that he could play Santa Claus (which he DID in The Santa Clause trilogy). LOL!!


I’m sure there are going to be plenty of other inside jokes and funny bits as we catch the last season of the show. I’m so sad Last Man Standing is ending, but can’t wait to see how it plays out!


And, I TOTALLY can’t wait for the Home Improvement cross-over show on January 7th!!

Last Man Standing season will premiere in a special Sunday night slot on Jan 3rd at 8:30pm ET. The rest of season 9 will air in its regular slot on Thursdays at 9:30 pm ET.

Comic Book

See the trailer for the final season of Last Man Standing below.


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