Moms Are Freaking Out Over These Target Santa Cookies Over A Design Fail That Makes Them Look Naughty

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Excuse me while I laugh for a moment… Y’all c’mon. I really am laughing as I type this out and I can not stop.

So, basically Target is selling a cute set of Santa cookies. Like super cute! The set is 3 cookies that are coated in chocolate and each one represents a part of Santa’s body.


When they are lined up they show one cookie as Santa’s head, the next as his belly, and the last is his boots. People say it is an “x-rated design fail”.

I had to stare at the image for a good while before I could even figure out what it was about the cookies that have mom’s boycotting them. I eventually figured out what it was, but man is that a reach!


Do we really need to turn everything into a controversy? Do we really need to seek out phallic symbols in everything? Apparently, one group of moms is not happy about the Santa boots at all.


The New York Post wrote that a mother in Tennessee named Nicole Miller had purchased the cookies from Target for her kids. She then did what a lot of moms do and shared them to Facebook, in a group even… uh oh, you know where this is headed right?

Well, she told the New York Post that it wasn’t too long before other moms pointed out something “strange” about the design. Guess what the moms saw the boots as? Yep!

My friends pointed out Santa’s boots – which I then couldn’t unsee.

Miller told the New York Post

Another mom then said she was shocked that the design fail had gone unnoticed through production.

Is this real life?

We have not received any feedback directly on this item. The design is intended to represent Santa’s boots. We appreciate the feedback and will take it into consideration moving forward.

Target told the New York Post in a statement

I’m still laughing, by the way, I mean did anyone else look at these cookies and immediately think the boots were a penis? I sure did not, I had to struggle really hard to even TRY to understand why they thought that.

You can buy the “kinky” (KIDDING) Santa cookies for $3.99 at Target. Get them while you can in case they pull them from the shelves.


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  1. Maybe those Mom’s need to get their minds out of the gutter. I didn’t see it and still don’t. Get a life!!!!!

  2. Really people! Get a life, doesn’t look like anything but boots. So stupid.

    1. The cookies promote violence. It looks like Santa was triple-tapped in the chest. I mean, look at all the blood! ??

  3. Wow! Just wow! I think these cookies are cute! Guess these moms have never had a bag of Motts fruit flavored snacks… the “carrot” looks more like a mans downstairs than these cookies do!