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Here Is How Much Oxygen Is Left In The Missing Titanic Tour Submarine

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This is so tragic, and fills me with copious amounts of anxiety and dread.

By now you have heard about the mini submarine vessel that is lost at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean about 400 miles southeast of the Newfoundland coast.

This sub was designed to carry tourists down to the lowest depths of the ocean for $250,000 a pop per seat.

It was on a mission to explore the famous Titanic shipwreck when things went really wrong.

The Polar Prince, the main research ship, lost contact with the vessel, called the Titan, about an hour and 45 minutes after it launched into the water.

Titan, a 21-foot long submersible vessel was manned by 5 people hoping to view the wreckage of the Titanic.

It hasn’t been heard since Sunday morning.

When it started out, the Titan had 96 hours of emergency oxygen, although they never thought they were going to have to use it.

You do the math. 24 hours in a day. It went down Sunday morning.

This isn’t looking good.

They are estimating there is enough oxygen to last until 2:30pm EST Thursday, so the race continues to try and find the Titan.

There are other things that could have happened.

It is unlikely, but it might have imploded from the pressure of the ocean.

There is also the possibility that it sprung a leak and flooded.

There have been banging sounds heard in the ocean while they are searching for the Titan, so it is possible the 5 people are still alive.

We are hoping and praying for the best.

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