You Can Get A Starbucks Frappuccino Phone Charger For The Person Who Is Obsessed With Coffee

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The Starbucks obsession is real. We like to delve into the world of the Starbucks Secret Menu on a regular basis.

Long live the Frappuccino in our world of being a bit EXTRA.

Now, we can be EVEN MORE extra, by powering our phones with the Starbucks Frappuccino power bank!

It comes in three choices of colors — pink, yellow, or green. I will totally be needing the pink one! I’ll call it my VISCO GIRL Frappuccino charger.

It can charge any phone with a USB charging cord, but ONLY comes with a Samsung-type cord. You must provide your own cord if you have an Apple device.

Power bank comes with a Samsung type of charger cord only. If you have an iPhone cord with a USB capability it can plug into the power bank to charge an iPhone as well does not come with iPhone cord.


This Starbucks Frappuccino Phone Charger will cost you about twenty six bucks, and is eligible for Amazon Prime. This ALSO means you get the Amazon Guarantee. I can speak from experience, if there is a problem, Amazon will make it right for you!

I totally need one in my purse for my phone! I am KNOWN for my Starbucks drinks, and this would be so perfect!

*Power bank charger comes in three different colors green pink and yellow

*Take your power bank on the go and still be able to charge your devices without being stuck in a certain area

*iPhone cord not included but if you have your own it can be used on the USB port

*Designer high quality charger


You can get the Starbucks external battery backup Frappuccino cups right on Amazon. Which color are you going to get?

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