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You Can Get A Starbucks Cup Covered In Swarovski Crystals And I Need It Now

Shiny things make me happy! Shiny things that I can drink coffee out of make me even happier!

AmericanoCrystals – Etsy

What you see here is the most magical Starbucks cup ever to exist! Covered in Swarovski AB Crystals and Rhinestones.

AmericanoCrystals – Etsy

I’ve never been known for having a sparkling personality, but I think this cup could help me compensate for that. I mean look at it!

AmericanoCrystals – Etsy

Everyone would be speechless. “Look at the girl with the beautiful cup” that girl could be me.

Apparently it is super popular with fashion bloggers, stylists, and celebrities. I’m famous in my own mind, so I should have one too.

AmericanoCrystals makes the cups to order. They are perfectly embellished with the best Swarovski crystals, glass diamonds, and rhinestones.

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An excellence you deserve!💎 Shop link in bio ✨

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The cup comes in 16 oz. Grande. You can also custom order it in the 24 oz. Venti size.

AmericanoCrystals – Etsy

They glue each crystal individually by hand using the strongest Swarovski glue. They are made to last, but they also offer free lifetime repair. You just need to pay for shipping.

You can get your own from AmericanoCrystals on Etsy. They start at about $119 and have amazing reviews!

Let me know if you need my address for shipping.

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