Here Is How to Keep Ants, Fleas, And Roaches Away From Your Home This Spring Without Pesticides

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I really don’t mind insects… just as long as they aren’t in my home or crawling on me.

Nothing is worse than seeing a line of black dots march across your counter, or gnats circling those bananas that you were going to make banana bread with last week.

Or maybe your dog has been a little too intense with his scratching lately.

Yes, it’s easy to run to the store and get a giant jug of potentially toxic insect repellent; but if you’re like me and have small children or pets, then I highly suggest trying the more natural tips below!

How to Get Rid of Fleas

Is ‘Max’ scratching non-stop? To the point where you feel you may explode if you hear those dog tags jingle one more time… then he most likely has fleas and so does your home!

But don’t fret, here are some tips and tricks to evict the unwanted tenants.

First, bathe the itchy pup with some straight Dawn dish soap and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

This compromises the exoskeleton of the flea causing them to drown and wash away down the drain!

Next, buy yourself a big ole’ bag of Diatomaceous Earth!

Sprinkle it all over any carpeted surfaces, cloth furniture (it can also kill bedbugs) and sprinkle it on ‘Max’ and brush the product through well.

Wait about 12 hours and vacuum all surfaces and bathe ‘Max’, easy as that!

The way it works is that while this looks like a powder, it really contains small shards that cut through the exoskeletons and larvae which dries them up quickly and leads to death.

How to Get Rid of Gnats

Notice some unwanted friends flying circles around those bananas on the counter that were supposed to be for banana bread?

Don’t worry, we have all done it and they aren’t that hard to get rid of!

First off, toss the bananas!

Second, go find yourself a shallow bowl and cover the bottom with white vinegar and add a drop or two of dawn dish soap to it. Mix it well and place it on the counter near where the old fruit was.

This works because the vinegar entices the Gnats, they land on the surface and attempt to drink the concoction, the Dawn is toxic to them and they die pretty quickly.

You may need to replace your mixture a few times to successfully rid yourself of all your unwanted flying visitors!

How to Get Rid of Ants

Now, this is one of the worst… you walk into your kitchen to make your morning coffee.

You squint your eyes sleepily, trying to make sense of the line of black(or red) dots marching across your counter near the coffee pot!


Before you freak out and start house shopping, try these tricks!

In a spray bottle, mix a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water; shake it up to combine. Spray this where you have noticed them hanging out and any places you have seen them entering your home.

You can also add about a teaspoon of Dawn dish soap to a spray bottle filled with hot water, spray this where you’ve noticed them congregating and also on any live ants you see.

I always recommend trying the more natural route before using harsh chemicals, but if your infestation is severe these tricks may not work.

But they are worth a try and most of them use items you already have around the house!

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